Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV – “Flames of Truth” Short Movie

Square Enix has published an extended version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn opening, titled as “End of the Era”. If you have already completed all Bahamut coils, you might be familiar with this cutscene – it focuses on the great sage Louisoix Leveilleur and his fight against Bahamut.

Louisoix was the leader of the Circle of Knowing, which was heavily involved in the Seventh Umbral Era storyline. He is also the grandfather of Alphinaud and Alisaie Leveilleur who play major roles in “A Realm Reborn”. At the end of Final Fantasy XIV 1.0, Dalamud shattered and Bahamut managed to escape from its imprisonment. To save others, Louisoix tried to attempt a ritual to reseal Bahamut back to its shell but the spell failed. Before Bahamut’s Teraflare destroyed the land, Louisoix saved other adventurers by teleporting them away from the battlefield. This was the end of the war – or so people thought. Flames of Truth will be telling a story what truly happened after the teleportation spell was completed.

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