Mevius Final Fantasy

Mobius Final Fantasy Soundtrack Preview | Update #3: Orchestral Battle Themes

Update #3: Orchestral Battle Themes

Our third “Mobius Final Fantasy Soundtrack” update is featuring more orchestral tracks than the previous ones. We’re still continuing with battle themes, but tomorrow we’re planning to share you a beautiful field track song! Battle Theme #2 and Sub-Boss Theme #2 play when the player is wearing the default garb.

Update #2 – “Sub-Boss Theme #1”

It’s time for the second update! Today, we are highlighting “Sub-Boss Theme” from Mobius Final Fantasy. This song plays during challenging golem fights in certain dungeons. During our playthrough, we also noticed that the soundtrack changes depending on your role (warrior, thief, black mage…). For example, battle themes are changing based on your garb. This sub-boss theme and the previous battle theme are playing when the player is wearing “Thief” garb.

Update #1 –  “Battle Theme #1”

Mitsuto Suzuki is composing the original soundtrack for Mobius Final Fantasy (previously known as Mevius Final Fantasy). He is well-known from his composition work in Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII soundtracks, but he has also worked on The World Ends With You and The 3rd Birhtday music, for example. Mobius features a multitude of fighting songs and today we are highlighting only one of them. Unlike other battle themes, this track is heavily electro influenced and plays when you are using “thief” garb. In the upcoming days we will be sharing even more songs from the game and some exclusive footage as well.

Mobius Final Fantasy is out now in Japan. Only available for iOS & Android smartphone.

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  1. Thank you so much for this! The music isone of the main reasons I’m excited for the game but no one else is talking about it. I love this sityte’s focus on this!

    • No problemo! I have been playing the game for a while now and really enjoying it, even though I didn’t expect much. The battle system is really smooth and fits for mobile controls. Mitsuto Suzuki’s great soundtrack is setting the right mood for the game as well. I’m uploading more footage and songs later on – today we are getting sub-boss theme that’s playing during golem fights. ^^

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