Square Enix’s Tactical Shooter “FigureHeads” Arrives for PS4

Mecha Actions Time!

Square Enix has announced that FigureHeads is arriving for PlayStation 4 as a digital download on March 9, 2017 in Japan. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where people have been forced to live underground due to an asteroid impact. Only way back to the upper levels is utilising mechas “2-Foots” with FigureHeads – special AIs. Since people have got bored in the destroyed world, they also came up with a concept of BOTgames – tactical PvP matches where teams compete against each other.

The game lets the player to customise their own FigureHeads: choose their clothing, accessories, special skills, hairstyles and other features. There also corporates, such as Salio, Zendel & Sons, Cartel, Gordon Ironworks and Public Orders, developing their unique mechas that can be customised and upgraded as well.

There are different 2-Foot types with unique stat weights:

Sniper uses Sniper Rifle and Reactive Mine [High Mobility]
Engineer uses Rail Gun and Installation Radar [High Mobility]
Assault uses Assault Rifle and Rocket Launcher [Flexible]
Support uses Repair and Supply Kits [Flexible]
Strikes uses special cannons [High Defence, Slow]
Heavy Assault uses Gatling Gun and Homing Missiles [High Defence, Slow]

The Western release for FigureHeads is yet to be announced, but with a Japanese PSN user you will be able to download it for 1 500 yen on March 9, 2017.

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