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Pandaemonium Stage Added in Dissidia Final Fantasy -Arcade-


In the latest trailer for Dissidia Final Fantasy -Arcade-, Square Enix revealed that Pandaemonium will be added as a stage in the game. Starting on February 16, 2017, players can challenge their opponents in the final dungeon of Final Fantasy II – the capital of Hell that was ruled by Satan until his defeat by the Emperor. The stage will also change its form during the battles.

In Final Fantasy II, people feared Pandaemonium and created the ultimate spell, Ultima, to seal it away from the Earth. The spell was after hidden away by the mages that nobody can abuse its power later on. However, after the heroes defeated the Emperor, his soul went to the hell, allowing him to absorb the darkness and become the Emperor of Hell. With his newly founded powers, he is able to raise Pandaemonium on the Earth again and letting out the most dangerous monsters. The heroes had to challenge him once more and after yet another defeat, Emperor disappears forever and Pandaemonium sinks back to the Hell.

The new Dissidia game features new characters and returning heroes such as Cloud, Lightning, Terra, Onion Knight, Warrior of Light, Squall, Firion, Bartz, Cecil, Tidus, Shantotto, Zidane and Vaan – with more to come. The development team estimates that there will be over 50 characters in total once all patches are out and done. Compared to the previous Dissidia games, there will be a new amazing change to the summoning system: this time the eidolons will be joining the players in the battlefield, featuring new beautifully crafted HD models. The game features summons such as Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, Odin, Alexander and Leviathan.

The third installment in Dissidia series will be featuring new gameplay elements such as a 3 vs. 3 battle system where up to six players can fight against each other at the same time. During fights when your character gets damaged, her or his appearance will also change. The EX system features two types of skills: there are shared skills that every character can use, abilities such as Protect or Bio and a signature EX skills that are specific to each character – like in the earlier entries in the series.

Dissidia Final Fantasy soundtrack is being composed by Takeharu Ishimoto who also worked on “Final Fantasy Type-0” and “The World Ends with You” soundtracks.

The PlayStation 4 Version of the game has been delayed to add more content and a story mode in the game, alongside additional polishing.

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