Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts III Will Utilize Crystal Tools?

According to interview with Julien Merceron, the worldwide director of technology within Square Enix, they will be utilizing Crystal Tools (used with Final Fantasy XIII)  with Kingdom Hearts.

This emerged when they were asking about the upcoming “Luminous engine” from Julien:
Questions translated by TheApprenticeofKingMickey & Source: KH13

“FFDream: We presume, of course that this technology will be put to use in future productions coming from Square Enix. Do you believe Tetsuya Nomura could perhaps make use of this technology in Kingdom Hearts III?

Julien: It’s already evident that we’re using Luminous Engine on various franchises other than just Final Fantasy. However, Crystal Tools, as I was talking about earlier, is employed exclusively on Final Fantasy, only for now. Since the next Dragon Quest X uses Crystal Tools, as well as internal projects such as Kingdom Hearts which also utilize Crystal Tools, it’s evident that Luminous Engine will cover a large spectrum of gaming franchises and I hope it will be taken advantage of by other teams, but we still have a lot of work to do.”

This doesn’t 100% mean that he was talking about Kingdom Heart III, but would Square Enix make “spin-off” Kingdom Hearts for home consoles? Maybe using Crystal Tools also hints that game will be released before the next-generation?

To us this seems pretty unlikely because KH team is working on Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but you never know what surprises Square Enix is hiding for us.


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