Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII


UPDATE: Please read this official press release for full amount of information about the game.


– Concept is “world-driven”
– The world will end in 13 days
– Lightning’s customization will have a big role
– Players will be able to experience actions that are symbolic of Lightning — speed, etc.
– Game is set to are called Navus Partus
– They showed the biggest city in the region, Lexerion.
– The game will have some sort of connectivity with the real world, apparently through Facebook. Details will be announced later.

– Players will be able to select from a variety of Lighthing costumes
– They’re developing the game with button response in mind, although they won’t necessarily go so far as to call it an action game.
– They show monorails which connect the islands of the world.
– They are showing some design of the residents and monster.

– Isamu’s new artwork he has made to represent the image of Lightning’s return.

– This is his first painting in 10 years. That’s showing how important this game is for him!
– The game will be for XBOX 360 & PS3!
– Will be out next year!

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  1. May I know the release date for Final Fantasy XIII – Lightning Returns for the time being. Hope Lightning gains a crystal to rewind the doomday countdown each time she completes a task or quest in Final Fantasy XIII – Lightning Returns. Hope that level up for Final Fantasy XIII is based on quest completed in the game and not enemies defeated in the game. Level up is infinite as the more quests completed by Lightning, the stronger the enemies become on the next quest in the game. For players, who did not complete the game, Lightning starts at level 25 and for players who complete the game, Lightning starts at level 75 on PS3 & XBOX360.

  2. I’m Tottaly Confused.
    Seems to be A Lightning Only Game
    But please where is the beloved FFXIII Universe? Everything. Really Everything changed..and where are the others..
    is this the world caius created?

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