Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts -1.5 HD Remix- Announced & TGS2012 Trailer Released!

At Tokyo Game Show 2012, Square Enix had one special surprise for the fans of Kingdom Hearts -series. Like you can guess the announcement was Kingdom Hearts -1.5 HD Remix-, a HD remaster of the first Kingdom Hearts and Chain of Memories.

This remasters collection is coming exclusively to PlayStation 3 and the game has been upgraded to high resolution, voice acting has been added and it has the trophy support. This game also contains cutscenes from KH 358/2 Days which can be viewed from the game’s theater mode.

Kingdom Hearts -1.5 HD Remix- will be released in 2013.

Check out the new trailer gorgeous trailer below! Nostalgia, anyone?


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  1. ahhh man! – really cant wait for this (hope to god itll be coming over seas!!- Europe that is) – definitely a must have! :D
    and i wonder if theyll do a volume 2 – have the final mix version of 2, BBS (FM), (re)coded and maybe 3D? :)
    The FM versions and re:CoM are the only ones i need/want – have all the others – so this is a fantastic announcement! :D

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