Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Brand New Lightning Returns Artwork Showed at London FF25th Anniversary Event

Few days ago Square Enix arranged a Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Event in London. They had put lots of new artwork and nice stuff on display and this new Lightning Returns artwork was spotted there too. It was specially made for the event and it MAYBE shows us a new bit of Lightning’s new outfit which she will be wearing in upcoming game!

Thank you, Zelu, for the picture!

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  1. First of all, calm down guys, it’s just a “fan” art, in case you are not following the details of the game, LIGHTNING will be fully customizable in the game (meaning her looks will change, like it or not, from this design… This is nothing – and a cape is like a trade mark of Lightning, so except her to have most times a cape in her costumes).

    I, to tell the truth, am really hopeful to see this game, and getting it, It seems like it’ll turn out great (btw, does anyone know when there will be any public events of SE where they may show more of the game?)

    • I didn’t no her looks we’re customizable. I thought it was just her outfits. Any way I do like the cape and I can’t weight to get it =)

  2. its a sketch, this isn`t her final design. i mean all we see is her back. for all we know, this could be an alternate costume not her actual design in-game. And this is boring, look at Tifa, all she`s wearing is a tank top and shorts. I love Tifa’s design, all you guys are still in the Final Fantasy VII era. You`re lucky they`re still continuing this whole game series.

  3. Only a fanboy couldn’t look passed the mediocrity of this picture. It’s boring, there’s not much special about it. It’s a sketched Lightning with some Japanese written on the side, big whoop.

  4. first: we don’t know if is her final design

    second: we see only HER BACK! (“sure” you can tell a lot about someone looking a its back…)

    third: we only see her face (that we all already know) a cape and something on her shoulder…sure she is only wearing that, so no pants no boots etc -.-.

    finaly: ITS A DRAW!! made with some markers and probably made quickly.

    • I think there’s a good chance it’s her final design. It was drawn by Nomura who said he recently finished her design, so why would he purposely draw something else? It’s not like it needs a big reveal, Serah’s XIII-2 design was first shown in a screenshot.

    • So you don’t even know what the whole thing looks like (or if it’s her actual design) and you already hate it (mary sue? that makes no sense). Way to showcase your stupidity. And Amano’s pretty bad at character designs if you ask me.

      • Oh gee whiz really? a picture of someone’s back that gives no detail about the design other than there’s a cape isn’t exciting? thanks for the tip but you can’t make much of an argument on whether it’s great or boring yet (the design, the art itself is subjective). I think it’s on the right track, looks like she has sleeves so I’m hoping it’s conservative, save the fanservice for the optional outfits.

      • Amano designed characters like Zidane, Kefka, Rydia, Cecil, Kain, Bartz,Terra, Faris and so on. None of these characters have bad character design.

      • I’m sure your knowledge of art is amazing.

        I love how people think everybody understands artistic work without having extensive (or any, for that matter) studies on it. It’s almost as stupid as a highschool student walking into an operating room, shouting ideas on how to remove a liver.

  5. I really hope this is her final design, it looks amazing. Love that she has a cape (really missed that in her XIII-2 look haha).

  6. WOW!!! She looks stunning! Drop dead gorgeous! I swear… those piercing eyes can kill! I’m so hyped! I WANT THIS GAME NOW!!

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