Square Enix Will Announce A Secret Title “Star” on 12.12.12!

Kuvankaappaus 2012-12-7 kello 10.02.30Square Enix has recently opened a brand new teaser site for a new “secret title.” The new announcement is happening on 12.12.12 but what could it be? You can see “Star”-text (right upper corner) which could be a hint about a new Star Ocean game.

What are your thoughts? Could this be some new mobile game or brand new one for consoles? The truth will be seen next Wednesday!

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  1. Yeah – been hearing from alot of people that it may be a new Star Ocean game – be awesome if it is! :D
    As for what platform – id expect it to be for the PS3 and Xbox or they could be having a go with the Wii U – either that or its a handheld game – 3DS or Vita – we need some more good games for those 2 :)

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