Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

The Japanese Lightning Returns Pre-Order Bonus Trailer Released

Square Enix has released a new trailer showing the Japanese pre-order bonus for Lightning Returns. The new trailer shows new enemies and the Samurai outfit that will be available in the West as well!

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    • These outfits and weapons all look nice. I just have one issue with them. The victory pose. She does a sheathing animation for her victory pose, yet those outfits dont have sheaths. Hopefully they add them to the outfits if it becomes addressed enough, because as it stands, the pose looks silly with her sheathing into the air. Also another thing, you dont sheath a Naginata or a halberd because those weapons are too large. They should change the animation for those 2 weapons completely

      • It doesnt bother me that much but i know what you mean – its a bit weird to have those 2 sheathed also – it could be that theyre a bit lazy (since all of them have the same animation), still yet to finish an individual ending or they ran out of ideas :p – theres still time to change it so we’ll just have to wait and see if it does :)

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