Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

New Lightning Returns Scan Shows Bhunivelze Render & New Screenshots

Here we go! A new scan from Japanese magazines showing new screenshots and a render of the God itself, Bhunivelze. Expect more artwork and screenshots soon in high quality.  More info will me added after translations arrive to the internet.

Thank you, Kazu <3

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  1. 来たる、神話の終焉 (kitaru, shinwa no shuu en)
    “Coming, tale of the end…”

    I wander what wold happen…

      • Not just Pulse. There’s a statue of Lindzei visible in Orphan’s Cradle. That taken with the shape of the Sanctum brand makes me think that is as close a look as we will get at Lindzei unless all the surviving deities appear in image or in person during Lightning Returns.

      • I thought Pulse was a fail’Cie, since he branded the main characters. It’s really surprising because I’ve played both games twice. Wel then it’s time for some digging :).

        • Pulse is both a deity and a fal’Cie. He was the first one created by Bhunivelze, and Pulse shaped the world as well created the other fal’Cie. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pulse made an appearance as well. (I love this lore, it gets so in depth. <3 )

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