Cosmos #1: TheSeraSounds Covers Lightning’s Theme ~Radiance~ + Interview!

The time has come to launch our very first post from Cosmos! Today, TheSeraSounds is being featured on our creative community with her amazing cover of Lightning’s Theme ~Radiance~ from the original soundtrack of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

We contacted her and  talked about working on this project. This is truly an interesting insight how fan projects like these come to their final form! Check out her performance and interview below!

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1. How did you come up with the idea to make this cover? 

From all Final Fantasy games, the first thing I’ve known was always the music. This is what you can hear on Youtube or on CDs before the release of the game. It was the same with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. I just love the music from all Final Fantasy games. I searched for the new soundtrack of this game and totally fell in love with Lightning’s Theme – Radiance. I heard it and instantly decided to make a cover.

2. How long the whole process took until you had the recording done? How much effort you put in this project?

Making a cover of a song you love is a bit difficult, because it needs a lot of time and work till you can be contented. But the fact that it is a song you love also gives you a lot of motivation to continue to work. I stood awake very long for two days to finish my arrangement. Then I practiced the piano and made all the recordings. I made it during the semester so it took me two weekends to finish it. It was really worth it!

3. Have you been studying music or is this more like a hobby?

Growing up in a musical family, music has always been part of my life. At first just as a hobby, of course. Now I study music at university where I do more classical music. But with my Youtube channel I follow the music I really love.

4. What’s your favorite thing about Final Fantasy (XIII saga)?

Final Fantasy XIII is such a wonderful game including wonderful characters and a wonderful story! My favourite thing about it is on the one hand of course the soundtrack. The music in Final Fantasy is so amazing and has so much emotion in it. I think it is just perfect. On the other hand I think the complete story is full of feelings and creativity what makes it really special! Furthermore I like the outfits! I do cosplay as well and one of Lightning’s outfits is my new project now.

5. Any other things you would like to tell us about this cover or your work?

Music is such a big part of my life. I want to give other people the feelings I feel by myself with wonderful music. It is a great acknowledgment when I reach people and when they tell me that they like my work. I think I accomplished that with my cover of Lightning’s Theme – Radiance and that makes me proud.
I’m working now on another song from Lightning Returns. That music and game just caught me! :-)

Square Portal wants to thank TheSeraSounds for the amazing cover and for doing this interview! Who is going to be the next person featured on COSMOS? It can be you! Here are instructions how to apply in the COSMOS program!

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