Yoko Shimomura Reveals Final Fantasy XV Bonus Track – Listen to the Preview!

Yesterday, we reported how a new Final Fantasy XV song will be featured on Memória – The Very Best of Yoko Shimomura album. Today, Shimomura herself tweeted: “This is one of the bonus tracks from “Memória”, and it’s from Final Fantasy XV! It won’t be the song that first appeared in the E3 trailer last year but it’s the one used in the gameplay trailer!”

The “new” song “OMNIS LACRIMA” (means “Every Tears/All the tears/Everyone’s tear”) from Final Fantasy XV is actually the one we have heard a bit in the gameplay trailer! However, it’s likely a clearer and perhaps more polished version! So technically it’s a brand new one! Watch the gameplay trailer below to get a preview how the bonus track sounds!

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  1. Oh its this one! – Orchestral songs are always powerful especially with a choir singing – also makes it feel more grander – i can imagine some of them having an impact and being memorable :)

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