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Video: New Kingdom Hearts III Teaser

The new Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix E3 2014 trailer featured a new teaser of Kingdom Hearts III. Here is the teaser only version. Enjoy.

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  1. Interesting!!
    I havent heard/dont recognise the Japanese voices – so i may be confused – but either they are characters we already know or new ones – from the images – the left has spiky hair and the right is a bit wavy – this is all i can get as far as looks lol
    If they are indeed new – my guess is 2 of Xehanorts vessels we had not seen in 3D – about half of them had their faces hidden

    • That’s very likely. Either that or some new characters that’ll join the cast for the new arc after Xehanort falls.

      • Point! – That reminds me
        I have this theory about KH3 where it involves time travel – considering Young Xehanort has that power – we will have to use the same concept to stop him – anyway – since theyll be jumping through time – that might end up changing future events – to where the Heartless, Worlds disappearing etc. – everything that happened in the series to date no longer exists but only Sora and crew remember – because of this huge change in the timeline it will result in a new enemy to arise from the depths lol

        It can either happen that way or in the traditional end where Xehanort is defeated then sometime down the line a new enemy takes his place – but this is Nomura – its bound to be a complicated twist :p

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