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Voting: Should Square Enix Choose A New English Theme Song for Final Fantasy Type-0?

bump of chickne
This week, Square Enix revealed they are bringing Final Fantasy Type-0 and Final Fantasy Agito to the West. The new HD version of the game will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This will be the very first time when the Western fans get to experience the world of Final Fantasy Type-0. Nobody can deny the excitement among the new and old fans, whose long time dream has become true – perhaps in an even better way than they could have dreamt of.

Watch the video and listen to the theme song here.

Since Final Fantasy Type-0 hasn’t been released in the West before, it made us wonder if there will be a new theme song chosen for the Western audience. (Marketing purposes etc.) Previously, the Japanese version of the game featured the original theme song, “Zero” by Bump of Chicken. (Listen to a preview above)

That’s why we are asking:  Should Square Enix Choose A New English Theme Song for Final Fantasy Type-0 or Keep the Original One? Make it count by voting! And remember to post your thoughts on the comments section!

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  1. I think Most often. They already have selected the best choice for the game`s music. and or opening. If they picked this one for it . It must fit with the games story and the flow of the other music choices in it. so i think they should keep it as it is.

  2. While I do really like the Original by Bump of Chicken and generally appreciate Japanese voiced music. Be it by greed for more music or blind faith in Square Enix’s judgment, I think they should actually make a new theme be it in English or at least not so much of a Japanese ballad I think it would be more appropriate. \

  3. The song has become so iconic to fans even in other countries that I can’t imagine even creating an English version of similar lyrics It just wouldn’t be Type-0 without the song and I really hope it doesn’t change.

  4. Original is always better. The only time I like English themes is when they are also in English in the Japanese version. I mean, I like the English songs, too… but nothing beats the original.

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