Mevius Final Fantasy

Be the First to Watch New “Mevius Final Fantasy” Gameplay Footage

New Mevius Final Fantasy gameplay footage has been released online!

Mevius Final Fantasy is a brand new iOS/Android game, which will be releasing in Spring 2015 in Japan. The developers are planning to create an experience that can even compete against the numbered Final Fantasy and console games. Moving around the world is said to be automated, and based on the screenshots and details shared on Famitsu, it could be a very similar experience to the Infinity Blade series, but with traditional Final Fantasy elements such as abilities and jobs.

The team sounds very ambitious about their new project and all developers have been working on mainline Final Fantasy games before. Yoshinori Kitase (FFV-LRFFXIII, KH, SaGa…) will be producing the title, Kazushige Nojina (FFVII, VIII, X, XIII, XV, KH…) is the scenario writer and Toshiyuki Itahana (FFIX, XIII-2, LRFFXIII, Crystal Chronicles…) is in charge of character designs.

Note: The song in the video is not part of the official soundtrack. It’s Final Fantasy by Kanon. Trailer is re-edited by Square Portal.

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