Final Fantasy XV Will Have Two Battle Modes


Final Fantasy XV will be returning to the spotlight as the next Active Time Report finally airs at the end of the month. Before the show, lead game designer Takizawa Masashi wanted to reveal some new details about battle system difficulties:

“The equivalent to difficulty level settings in Final Fantasy XV is a system where you can switch between different battle modes. By having this ability to switch modes, we want to make it so that both players who like action oriented, technical gameplay and also those who want to fight at a slower, more relaxed pace can all enjoy the combat in their own style. This switching system is a key part of the gameplay that we decided to introduce based on the feedback we received from the Episode Duscae demo. We will go into more detail about the system closer to the game’s launch so stay tuned for more information.”

Final Fantasy XV is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year. The initial release date to be announced in March.

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  1. I’ve read some other stuff too about how big Altissia (that big water city) – is and how much you can explore (it was even mentioned how the developers get lost in there aha) – plus there will be more places to warp to expand ways on exploring, aerial battles, gigantic bosses to fight….. hearing all this is getting me very excited again – can’t wait for this months ATR :D

    • It won’t be turn-based ATB system but most likely a slower version of the normal mode – similar to “normal” and “wait” options in previous Final Fantasy games.

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