Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns: The First Look at the Dead Dunes

cv cxvcThe latest issue of the Jump has new screenshots and information about Lightning Returns. This time we are getting the first look to the desert area of Lightning Returns – the Dead Dunes – where Lightning can slide around the sand and explore the area and its ruins.

The magazine reveals a new ability called “Overclock” which slows down the time and you will be able to attack enemies or escape from dangerous situation. It also uses the new point system but how it works, still remains secret. We could say that  Overclock-ability was first time seen in E3 2006 trailer.


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  1. Like the fact that they are adding in more ways for Lightning to interact with the surroundings – sliding down dunes :p
    I wonder if some of those ruins will be places from the previous 2 games – like Taijins Tower? :p (kinda sucked that they never got to add that back in into 13-2 (added the Augusta Tower to replace it) – really wanted to learn more about it) – maybe the ruins in Bresha or Yaschas Massif? – now that would be interesting to see! – plus itll add another little connection to 13 and 13-2 :)
    So the Overclock is kinda like Moogles Clock in 13-2 – but this time slowed down
    I guess the new point system might have something to do with leveling up – or being able to learn abilities/equip them (think in Kingdom Hearts where you needed enough AP to equip stuff, or in FFX/12 where you needed to have learned a specific block in order to use that ability) – so there could be 2 different leveling systems going on – one for leveling Lightning and one for her abilities (it could also be leveling up her abilities so they can deal more damage)

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