Final Fantasy XV Off-Cam Footage Shows New Extended Gameplay Clips

E3 is here just in a month, and the never-ending thirst of Final Fantasy XV  is just getting bigger among the fans. Let’s add fuel to the hype fire.

Last weekend at Thailand ComicCon 2014, the Final Fantasy brand manager and Final Fantasy XV producer, Shinji Hashimoto, arranged a special Final Fantasy event during the expo. At the event he talked about the Final Fantasy series in general and accepted some questions from the fans as well. At one point of the show, he decided to present the 25th anniversary trailer, which was included in the FF25th Anniversary Box’s bonus disc. After the special video, they also played both Final Fantasy XV E3 trailers, and surprisingly, the gameplay trailer was an alternative/updated version with new or extended clips. (Just a few seconds there and there, though)

The off-cam video is quite low quality, but starting at 19.15, you can view the gameplay trailer and spot the new scenes.

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  1. The ‘new’ scenes are very few and small – almost cant tell if they are new because it goes so quick
    Not long now till E3 – more news for FFXV and possibly KH3 – my body is ready :D

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