Final Fantasy

Square Enix Investor Is Expecting New Big Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest Titles in Fiscal Year 2016

Credit Suisse Group AG, a multinational financial services holding company, is expecting new big Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest titles arriving in fiscal year 2016. (April 2015 – March 2016) That’s why the company has decided to reduce its shares in Square Enix in views of their limited prospects: among a few titles, the fact that new big releases from the Final Fantasy an Dragon Quest series are not being expected before the fiscal year 2016.

This would be a logical statement since Square Enix is expecting a 5 million drop in coming software sales for fiscal year 2015, which is no doubt due to the lack of big franchise releases such as Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III. Read more about the report here.

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  1. Ouch, that would mean that XV would have been in development roughly ten years. I hope they announce something to look forward too besides XV at E3 or TGS, otherwise it’s going to be a conspicuously long wait…. again.

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