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I’m happy to reveal a new community program where we are looking for the best commenter of the month! He/She is a person who works the hardest to make this community more vocal and influential and stronger than ever before! We know you guys have great thoughts since you are amazing people, so why not share your thoughts on our site? By posting your thoughts to the comments section of the news and articles, you also participate in our new competition where you can win epic prizes. Prizes will be changing monthly as well!

This month, we are giving away a copy of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn [PlayStation 4] for the best commenter! The best commenter(s) will be chosen in the end of the month and their thoughts and achievements to improve our community will be highlighted in the announcement post. This month’s winner will be revealed in the beginning of September. The competition is open worldwide.

Be The Best Commenter of the Month! – How To Post A Comment?

Go to the bottom of the post and click the “Enter your comment here…” area under “Leave A Reply”.  After that you need to fill more information such as name and email address, OR you can log in with your WordPress, Twitter and Facebook account. When posting your comment for the first time, it won’t be visible until our moderators approve it.

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Q: Why should I post comments here if I’m already talking about this stuff on social media with my friends?

A: Square Portal is one of the most popular and remarkable Square Enix community sites in the world. It’s not only being followed by tens of thousands of fans but also Square Enix itself. Since we want our voice to be heard as a fanbase, it’s important and useful to gather all thoughts in one place – Square Portal. This will allow us to become a stronger and more influential community whose thoughts are heard. This will also ease Square Enix’s work to follow fans’ thoughts and plans – even clear the misunderstandings.

There’s also a downside in social media. When sharing your thoughts on sites like Twitter and Facebook, your thoughts are often covered by new messages, thus, lost in cyberspace. I’m seeing this as a cutting edge for Square Portal since here they will be saved and seen by many people who are interested in the same stuff. This will allow us to have more impact on Square Enix’s future plans and decisions.

Let’s improve our community together and make the comments section lively! You may even find new friends here! So, don’t be shy, nobody is here to judge you, and moderators will be here to help you!

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  1. Maybe your right my server was jerk vile. But I never had any luck with good community in mmos. But if i was to go back to an MMo it would be ff14. With no questions asked. But I hope they make it more open world. Rather then small areas filled with portals. Makes it feel like a rabbit warren. Constantly having to jump and portal to place to place. Paying coin at every turn like a tax. MIQO’TE was an awesome race. Hope they make a single player game with a character like that some day.

    • I feel yah on the open world kind of thing. I personally would enjoy that more too rather than just warping from one place to the other. I mean you can literally see these places on the map but you just cant enter them. I mean i get why they do it and all, but it would be nice if we had a lot more space. and more places to explore so you kind find out the lore of the world in that game. Like how you go to the floating city of Nym, i wanna see more of that place, not just a vista view.

  2. I love the games art direction, the game play and most definitely just playing it. I have played a bunch of free mmos and i never had the desire to really go back to any of them after this game. Though i play on Ps3 i enjoy genuinely just wandering doing whatever.I got lucky i got a good group to join and it kept me coming back to the game. The pretty much makes you make friends for the sake of the duty finder. However it really wasn’t that hard to make any after you play the game enough. But the only major downside to the game is how players tier themselves off from others and say that the game isn’t for noobs. I ran into a few ppl like that and it get a bit aggravating. They kinda spur keep a small FC and not a conglomerate of hot blooded hyenas who eat you at the first sign of weakness. Though the player base can carry a bit of the negativity, they payed to play so yeah. Hey they play how they play right?

  3. I hope there is going to me more coming out about FF15. Really cant wait to see game play. Since it wasnt at E3 this year. maybe next year? I dont see it coming out any time soon. Hope it pushes the Ps4.

    • it probably just gonna be a built off of crsis core with mix of Kh. Seems like the only they have to present is that. Most of the battle systems seem to recurring in the series to be new at this point( 13 didn’t help SE at all).

  4. I would rather see a game like FF14 a single player game. I felt you got lost in the world of people. No one was friendly, people just keep to their guild or group. The dungeons are even worse you need to run and skip pretty much all the bosses. It just wasn’t worth playing any more. If you have slower net like Australia its almost impossible to do any of the major boss flights. Like the summons and raid. The zones were too small for the amount of people per zone. So you would never get a chance at Odin when get even popped onto the map. I just feel MMo;s are just not worth it any more. Everyone just negative and anti social. On the positive side this was the prettiest and funniest Mmo that I have played. But everything else just lets it down. Hope to see a FF game like this with maybe Co op with real friends.

    • it Could also be the Servers you play on as well. From my experience with the game i have had a serious amount of fun with the group i am in. But yeah more so or less the game is quiet because no one ever talks outside there groups or linkshells. Though that never really stops me from having conversations with random ppl. I mean it is all about the community in MMO’s if you find the right one you might like it better.

  5. FFXIV ARR is an amazing FF MMO and I think that to reel in more players there should be secret costumes and weapons of past Final Fantasy Characters that should be unlocked for each job class at a specific level – for example: when Dragoon a reaches a high level, he or she will unlock a Kain Highwind, Cid, Freya, Kimahri or Oerba dia Fang costume with the characters respective weapon, then for black mage the costume should be: Palom, Tina, Quistis,Lulu and Seymour Guado or for a monk job class their should be: Yang, Tifa Lockhart and Zell Dincht. Lastly if a player has purchased a final fantasy game in physical or digital copy, FFXIV should try to use the save of the game (for example is could be FFVIII psn save file used or the FFX/X-2 save file) to unlock Minions based on past Final Fantasy monsters like a Moomba or Pupu and there should be secret bosses unlocked from those saves like Sephiroth, Ultimecia, Seymour Guado, Vayne, Omega Weapon, Ruby Weapon, Penance and Yiazmat

    • That sounds like the most expensive thing i have ever heard of, and sounds worse than the madness that is DLC.

  6. What a sweet prize! I would really love to get this as I plan on buying a PS4 really really soon and I would love to start my PS4 adventures with a title from a franchise we all here ADORE! Plus a friend of mine has another copy of it so I will be able to have a ton of fun with her from the get go instead of being bored with single player games!
    Good luck to everyone!

  7. I guess I kind of feel like that Lalafell, maybe I don’t fit for this competition (I don’t own a PS4). T-T

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