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Tetsuya Nomura Makes A Short Video Interview With DC Entertainment

tetsuya nomura
Tetsuya Nomura (Final Fantasy XV director) has given a very short video interview to DC Entertainment during the San Diego Comic Con 2014. He didn’t reveal anything about his games, but he quickly summarized his work on the new Batman figure he had designed for DC. Even though his appearance was very short, it was nice to see Square Enix Japan’s developers representing themselves at a Western event for a chance. Tetsuya Nomura also seemed quite happy during the interview, which is always a good thing! The interview starts at 1.20 in the video below.

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  1. That batman costume looks quite futuristic and cool but it’s really nothing like the Batman we know.
    I believe that it takes away his “human” side and make it feel like he is some kind of monster. I’m not sure I could watch a movie where batman would save a little kid with that costume. The design is quite cool, I would like to see more of these crossovers between square enix and other companies so that we can see more of Tetsuya-sensei’s vision!

    • If you ask me, more people seem to be forgetting that there are *many* different renditions of Batman out there, if you just look into the different comic serializations. Nomura’s Batman looks very similar to the original design of Batman of the Future.

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