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Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition In The Works?


Who Let The Dogs Out?

Every year after the E3 expo ends, the summer quickly becomes quite boring for us. That’s also when the game journalists are looking for that new hit news post and surprisingly lots of rumors start to spread around at the same time. Since Gamescom 2014 starts within two weeks, we thought to discuss about one of the rumors that might actually be true.

Has Somebody Awoken the Sleeping Dogs?

Last June, a British game retailer ShopTo listed “Sleeping Dogs HD”  arriving for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Quickly the rumors about the possible remaster version of the game started to spread around the internet but Square Enix didn’t pay any attention to them – as usual. The HD remaster was most likely a reference to the definitive edition similar to Tomb Raider: Definition Edition and The Last of Us Remastered, where the game receives a graphical upgrade and other tweaks to the engine. Often all downloadable contents have been packed with the original game as well. Since Sleeping Dogs was a sleeper hit, it could be receiving such an upgrade and have its second coming.

Are there any reliable signs the definitive edition might be in the works?

Retailer listings are rarely that reliable but sometimes there might be a grain of truth. During their fiscal year 2014 report, Square Enix revealed they are expecting European software sales to grow by 720 000 in 2014 when compared to 2013. That’s one million softwares more than in North America. But how could it be possible if they only have two major titles (Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtail Call and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix) coming later this year? The answer might be Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition. Below you can see a few reasons why Sleeping Dogs might be returning later this year:

1. Previously, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition was released in less than a year after the original game. It was co-developed by Crystal Dynamics, Nixxes Software (PS4 version) and United Front Games (Xbox One version). United Front Games is the same studio that originally created Sleeping Dogs. After finishing their work on Tomb Raider, both studios have focused on different projects: United Front Games on Sleeping Dogs sequel and Nixxes Software on Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. However, United Front Games might have enough staff that they could be working on the remastered version of Sleeping Dogs since they have been developing multiple titles previously as well.

2. Square Enix is expecting increased sales in Europe. This is an important fact because Sleeping Dogs has sold 230 000 copies more in Europe than in North America. Nobody can doubt the fact that the game was actually a sleeper hit since has sold over 1.81 million copies around the world since its release in 2012. Even more impressive is the fact that the game was postponed and then cancelled before Square Enix picked it up and started to lead the project.sleepingdogschartsales

According to the latest sales data, 51 percent of the game sales were done in Europe while 34% were sold in North America and 15% in other countries. (Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3 copies). This could explain the positive growth Square Enix is expecting in Europe. Other factors influencing the sales are the company’s own expectations that Europe might be healthier market for them this year.

3. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster were both great successes which might have encourage Square Enix to release another remastered game. It would be easy money for them since their 2014 schedule is rather empty. The safest time to release the game would be in October, right before the biggest titles of the year arrive to the marketplace.

4. Square Enix hasn’t started any sort of promotional campaign and if there was a bigger release coming this year, they would have started it already. ShopTo was expecting the game to launch in November, so Square Enix could have enough time to build a promotional campaign for Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition.

5. Gamescom 2014 is an European game event and often the highlighted titles are by European and Western studios. Sleeping Dogs was developed in collaboration between a Canadian studio, United Front Games and Square Enix’s London Studios. This might be the reason why the game could make an appearance at the show since it’s presented by Square Enix Europe and the game was a bigger hit here.

What’s Sleeping Dogs?

“Sleeping Dogs is an open world action-adventure video game, developed by United Front Games in collaboration with Square Enix London Studios and published by Square Enix for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. It was released on 14 August 2012 in North America, 16 August 2012 in Australia, 17 August 2012 in Europe, and on 27 September 2012 in Japan.

The game’s story is set in a fictionalized Hong Kong, and the player learns about Wei Shen, an officer of the San Francisco Police Department, on assignment duty at the Hong Kong Police Force. Wei is assigned by the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau to go undercover, infiltrate the Triad society, gather information on Sun On Yee (the equivalent of the real-life Sun Yee On) and destroy them.Sleeping Dogs lets players freely roam an open world Hong Kong, and features several side activities, such as fight clubs, street races, drug busts amongst others.”


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  1. Isn’t it funny, how vocally some people are resisting the HD remasters and definition editions, but still sales prove that there are lots of demand for them in the marketplace. I always thought remastered games are okay since they are always outsourced for other studios and isn’t off from the new games. I saw many people complaining Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster is taking resources from Final Fantasy XV but the truth is that it was made by a Chinese developer team and there was just a few people from Square Enix keeping an eye on the project.

    When it comes to my thoughts on remastered games or remakes, I think it’s only good when we are unable to play these games with our platforms. For example, I was justified with FFX HD remaster because I should still own a PS2 to play it. That’s why FFXII HD remaster would be a good thing since it’s unplayable for most of people at the moment. This is why I see no demand to remake the first Final Fantasies from I to IX. Of course, many people would want that but due to nostalgia SE just can’t outsource those titles because it would be quite dangerous, especially knowing how badly people overreact on the internet.

    • I agree with you Miranda in all your points! To be honest I think that remasters are good as long as they can keep their eyes on their main project (which they do!

      I believe that as long as the remakes are of games that were already good gameplay-wise are a good decision! Hence why I welcome games like FF X/X-2 HD! I hope they will keep making them in the future but also look into putting a surprise or two! That would be neat and a reward to the veterans who have played the game before and will be surprised by the newest addition which they would definately appreciate!

  2. I really liked this article, it was quite detailed and all I can say is this analysis is pretty spot on how Square Enix will probably work. It sounds like one of the more wise paths they can walk on as it’s easy money to make remasters and they seem to take quite a big liking to that lately with all the final fantasy, tomb raider, etc remasters.

    And as Alexander said, I would be really happy if this analysis will be right as I was thinking of trying Sleeping Dogs, it would be even better with new graphics.

  3. What a great article and nice analysis. Good job! I have been waiting the Sleeping Dogs sequel for a while. Actually, since they announced the triad wars coming. We’ve not heard much of Deus Ex, Just Cause or Sleeping Dogs either, so I think it might be quite likely they make an appearance at Gamescom. They are Western titles after all, and Square Enix already promised new announcements. Let’s keep our hopes up!

    Didn’t you guys already make a similar analysis post with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and at E3 we got it! It was very well done! Let’s hope this turns out to be true as well! :)

    • Yes we did! Square Enix’s announcement just happened to be way more epic than we thought it could be! We predicted they would be making a HD remaster for PS3 and PSVita by using newly made assets for Final Fantasy Agito, but apparently they moved directly to the new-gen consoles. It was a great surprise!

      I’m looking forward to how the game turns out!

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