Video Game Orchestra Partners With Yoko Shimomura on Final Fantasy XV Music

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Many of you loved the loved the music in the latest Final Fantasy XV trailer and now it’s time to reveal the masterminds behind it! Video Game Orchestra (VGO) has partnered with Yoko Shimomura and they were glad to finally announce their collaboration. The trailer music is composed by Yoko Shimomura and the recording was done in VGO’s studios in Boston. The producer Shota Nakama was in charge of the orchestration and the music was mixed by their engineer Falk. The trailer theme also features many othe musicians and Livan Chevalier, who played the piano in the track.

Previously, Video Game Orchestra and Masashi Hamauzu partnered for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The producer Shota Nakama was tasked to orchestrate Hamauzu’s compositions for the game, and the orchestrated performances were recorded in VGO’s studios in Boston.

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  1. Hmm, not sure about the music. About halfway through it does have a certain royal atmosphere, but the beginning sounds too much like the rhythm to ‘Blinded By Light’ and from 1:10 it sounds like Hamauzu’s ‘Battle Theme Ex’ (0:41) for Unlimited SaGa.

  2. The music in this trailer is so great, especially when the ship things started flying.
    I would’ve had it on repeat indefinitely if not for the blond guy’s voice though.

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