Final Fantasy Explorers

Challenge Amaterasu and Odin as Red Mage and Machinist in Final Fantasy Explorers


Shonen Jump is featuring new details about Final Fantasy Explorers this week. Alongside many summons such as Shiva, Ifrit, Ramuh and Bahamut, the player will be able to challenge Amaterasu and Odin. This is quite huge news since there hasn’t been Amaterasu summon in the Final Fantasy series before this. Even more additional roles were revealed as well: the red mage and the machinist. More details about the summons and the roles will be available later this or next week as the Japanese games magazines share the news on their websites.

Final Fantasy Explorers is set to be released on 18th December in Japan. It won’t support 3DS’s stereoscopic 3D effect, but will utilize the New 3DS’s additional buttons for better camera controls, for example. Learn more about the new 3DS here.

Thanks to Kazu for the photo!

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