Lead Game Designer Shares New Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Status Update


Lead Game Designer Shares New Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Status Update

Final Fantasy XV Lead Game Designer Wan Hazmer has shared new behind the scenes details about Final Fantasy XV. In the blog post, he reveals that the team has been very busy working on the demo, titled as Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae.  As the director Hajime Tabata has mentioned earlier, the development team is currently at the 80% production mark with the demo. However, Hazmer explains that these last 20% is very crucial because most of the optimization, polishing and debugging happens during this time. That all is basically what makes the game playable and stabile. No comments about the release of the demo, but Hazmer tells that fans’ feedback will be important towards the success of the new numbered Final Fantasy game since the battle system and  open world exploration are new to the franchise. 

You can read the full blog post here or below.


When I landed in Tokyo, piles and piles of work were waiting for me at my office. You guessed it, it’s the rush towards finishing the trial of FFXV, Episode Duscae. Days of delicious roti canai and teh tarik are now like a distant memory as I realize that we have a game to finish!

This horrendous busy week has prevented me from looking at all your awesome resumes one by one. When I saw it coming, I went “Yay!”. A somewhat short exciting moment before I drag it into the Recruitment folder. I know some of you had inquiries about the recruitment on FB and email and I apologize for the late reply. I will attend to them next week.

My boss Tabata-san mentioned in an interview that we are at the 80% production mark, but anyone who has worked in any creative production knows that the last 20% is crucial. Optimization, polishing and debugging. To put it in simple terms.


Regardless, it’s a fun kind of hell, mainly because of the thought that we get to see what you think of the game after it’s done! 

Remember to pre-order Final Fantasy Type-0 HD or download it within a limited period once it’s ready in March to get the download code for FFXV Episode Duscae. The battle system and open world exploration are new to the franchise. Your feedback is crucial towards the success of this new numbered Final Fantasy.

Ok time to take a nap. Never seem to sleep enough lately lol. Stay tuned for more news!

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