Final Fantasy XV Gamescom 2015 Screenshots


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  1. “Really curious to know what those 3 big creatures are that appeared in the sky at the end ”

    I’d say they are Pulse, Lindzei and Bhunivelze, the three main gods of the FNC mythology.

    • That did cross my mind but i’m not sure whether XV is still part of the FNC Mythology :s – i remember there being heavy influences back in the day when it was still Versus but lately we haven’t seen any ties to it – since it’s now it’s own title there may have been some changes when it comes to its myth (i know they scrapped a lot of things from when it was Versus and started again) – i could be wrong though – we’ll have to wait until we get more info tbh

      When i tilt my screen the middle one looks to be female – with some large headdress or Seymour like hair (lol) – could be Cosmos or maybe even Etro – i do remember her being more important when it comes to Versus’ World (not entirely sure if they still kept that concept for 15)

  2. Really curious to know what those 3 big creatures are that appeared in the sky at the end – it was revealed that they aren’t Eidolons – so i’m thinking they could be the Gods of this world or some form of Guardian residing over each crystal (since they have been going back to the routes of the old FF games i’m guessing the crystals will be representing Fire, Water, Air and Earth?) – and have given the task for Noctis to help them

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