Tokyo Game Show 2015

We’ll Be at Tokyo Game Show 2015 – Time for a Grand Adventure!


In 2011, Square Portal started as a small fansite known as “Final Fantasy XIII-2 News” and now in 2015 we’re going to participate in Tokyo Game Show 2015 by ourselves! After the show, we are planning to take everything to the next level, it’s the end of our short hiatus.

We’ve extremely great news to share with you! For the first time ever, Square Portal will be participating in Tokyo Game Show 2015, during business and open days. Depending on Wi-Fi connection at the event, we will be doing tons of live reporting. However, it may not be our full focus this year. Instead of that, we are planning to make the experience just like you were there by offering tons of images, videos and other content from each corner of the event – not just Square Enix booth! If you would like to us to ask developers / take pictures / videos of certain things, tweet your request or hit the comments section!

“I feel that this is really a great opportunity to offer our readers something truly unique. Tokyo Game Show has always been that kind of an event where the Western media hasn’t been as present as many of us had hoped – but this year we are planning to change that! With our reporting and original contents, we are aiming to share a whole new experience. It will be a like a grand adventure with a beginning and an ending.

For me, traveling to Japan has always been a long-time dream and it’s finally coming true! (I will probably turn into a slime as I step out from the airport, hah) Visiting such a beautiful country and participating in one of the biggest game industry events in just one week sounds very overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Honestly, I just can’t wait to have a dinner in some really nice restaurants, learn about the culture, play the games and experience the life in Japan. (And snatch all the goodies) In addition, we got invited Bandai Namco’s headquarters to participate in their pre-TGS, which is a huge honor. Not many of you know this, but Bandai Namco actually releases Square Enix games here in Scandinavia, so we have worked very closely together for almost half a decade.

Our amazing experience with them has also inspired Square Portal with the next project. We can’t yet talk about it, but I promise you it’ll be something really exciting and fresh for you and us. It’s one of the reasons why we have been in a short hiatus for a while (alongside our real life jobs), but soon the secret will be revealed!  I can’t wait for our readers to see the results of all planning and hard work. Please, look forward to it!”

Johnny, Editor-in-Chief of Square Portal

Tokyo Game Show 2015 will be held on 17th – 20th September, 2015 in the Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan. The main focus of the event are Japanese games, but multiple international video game developers come to showcase their upcoming releases as well. The first days of Tokyo Game Show are open for business people but the last two days the general public is allowed to attend and experience the magic.

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  1. Hi there, Johnny. The best of luck for the site at Tokyo Game Show. I’ll look forward to every piece of news from there. Something I’m particularly intrigued by is the look at FF Agito’s “reborn” form, and the possibility of New New Project appearing in some form.

    If you get the chance and it’s not a silly question, I would like to know something concerning XV and Fabula Nova Crystallis: some recent interviews have brought XV’s place in the subseries into question, so it would be nice to know definitively whether or not XV has been given its own canon or not (a direct quote via translator would be best so as to avoid further confusion). The second part is whether XV is being considered as the last entry in the FNC canon or whether there are ideas for future titles. But you have every right to just ignore this and ask the questions you and others want to ask.

    • Thank you for the questions – much appreciated! When it comes to Agito, it seems Square Enix is stopping the service for it in Japan later this year… So it could mean they are canceling the mobile version in the West as well. When it comes to the Vita version, it probably had the same fate. Sadly.

      • Yay, and once again good luck at the show. Hope you have a great time. Yeah, a great pity about Agito if it is being shut down, but they did say that they were merely rebooting the server structure so it could better manage a large player base and further content updates, so I have doubts about it being outright dropped.

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