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Square Enix launches 10th Anniversary teaser site

Kuvankaappaus 2013-3-31 kello 19.04.07

10 years ago, on April 1, 2003, Squaresoft and Enix’s merger to Square Enix. To celebrate this they have opened a 10th anniversary teaser website with following text:

“As of April 1st we’ve reached our 10th anniversary!

We hope you’ll continue supporting us going forward as well!

We’re thinking of collaborations and a bunch of things that should make everyone a little bit happy.

It’ll be settled soon, so we’ll keep you posted.”

More news coming soon? We wrote news about rumored big Final Fantasy announcement which will be premiering on Japanese TV in few days. Could there be connecting between these two? 

Thanks Gematsu!

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  1. This should be very interesting! Considering they said “a bunch of things.”, one of them is bound to be Final Fantasy related, I hope so anyway!

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