Final Fantasy XIV

FINAL FANTASY XIV Letter from the Producer Part XVI Recap

Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer XIV livestream starts now! It will contain new details about the upcoming patches such as Defenders of Eorzea! Perhaps we will be hearing more about new jobs, marriage system and dungeons. Also, the lead designer of the game, Nobuaki Komoto, will be a special guest and answers fans’ questions as well!

We will update this post as new details are revealed



1. Naoki Yoshida and Toshio Murouchi are discussing about PvP modes: They are working on to a feature that allows you to save all actions and traits per job, so you don’t need to constantly re-do them.

2. In Patch 2.35, they will allow players to use glamours with PvP gear, and they will be adjusting the PvP mode in general as well.
More maps coming to Frontline but it will take some time. Japanese players are most active when it comes to this PvP mode!

3. Mob Hunt talk – a new addition which was released alongside patch 2.3 – allows you to hunt big monsters with other players and gain big rewards. The system has been slightly broken and players have found it a bit problematic, and it has been causing some tension because some players may have rushed too much and haven’t left anything for other players. They have adjusted the new mode a bit and will continue until it pleases everyone.

4. Talk about the Syrcus Tower.

5. Talk about the new dungeon called “Hullbreaker”. For now, we are only fighting Kraken’s tentacles but the Kraken itself will make a comeback later on.

6. A new video clip of Ixal Stronghold and an epic scene with different enemy races!

7.Time to talk about future contents!

8. Talk about Lightning and Snow!

9. A fan asked if there will be additional costumes or hairstyle from previous Final Fantasy series characters similar to Light and Snow where the developers answered they can’t say too much, but you will be able to get famous outfits and hairstyles from some quests added with certain patches!

10. Now they are showing the new Ninja job in action!


Näyttökuva 2014-7-21 kello 15.14.22
11.Minfilia is making a special presentation of Eorzea’s Economic Trends and changes between spending and earning gils.

12. No big changes but charts are showing how people earn and spend their gils.

Näyttökuva 2014-7-21 kello 15.23.30
13. A chart about gil spending on housing .

14. Summary of charts


15. Gold Saucer concept artwork!

16. More talking with fans and answering their questions. (Check out the comments section)

17. The first anniversary special event announced! 14 hours live broadcast, special fates such as Dragon Quest X, Final Fantasy XI and Lightning Returns will be back! More to come!

Näyttökuva 2014-7-21 kello 15.57.23
18. Moonfire Faire seasonal event revealed!

19. Free trial program revealed: Players get an opportunity to try FFXIV for two weeks then transfer their characters to the full game once the trial ends. More details announced later.

20. Final Fantasy XIV movie contest revealed! Celebrate the first anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV by creating own movie! The contest will be starting in late July.

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  1. A1: I understand the request and we’ve started to look into making it so the actions set per job are saved. Please give us a bit of time to work on this.

    Q2: Are there any plans to randomize the starting point of each of the Grand Companies in Frontline? 

    A2: We will look into this to see if we can make it happen.

    Q3: In Frontline, PvP gear is somewhat disadvantageous since Morale is not utilized, but I’d really like to wear this gear and play. Can you please make it so glamours work in PvP only for PvP gear?

    A3: In patch 2.35 we will be making it possible to use glamours. We are also aware of the disadvantages when it comes to the stats and we will be making adjustments.

    Q4: Currently, the daily mark bills are difficult to complete due to the spawn rate of certain FATEs. Is there any way we can complete this in an easier fashion?

    A4: While we won’t be able to make FATEs spawn constantly, we will look into increasing the spawn rate of FATEs.

    Q5: Will you ever add elite marks that are higher than rank S?

    A5: We’re thinking about adding elite marks moving forward, but if they exceed rank S that means they will become something like the level of Odin or a Behemoth class monster. We’re also working on things for the expansion, so we’d like to explore a variety of things.


    Q6: Do have any plans to expand Frontline? If so, what kind of expansion do you have in mind?

    A6: Looking at all regions, Japanese users seem to be playing Frontline content the most. Since it’s receiving a lot of positive attention we are proactively looking into the addition of maps and rules. Map-wise, it’s important to create them so it’s balanced for all three groups, so we expect this to take a bit of time.

    Q7: Currently, there are many players that enter the Syrcus Tower to obtain an unidentified Allagan tomestone or oil of time. Due to this reason, there are a lot of equipment drops that go to waste. Is there any chance we can split the weekly lock out for the tomestone and oil?

    A7: We currently do not have any plans of doing so since both the upgrade items and equipment may be an upgrade for a player.

    Q8: Please implement content for Frontline that allows us to compete for standings with other Grand Companies. 

    A8: While it’s a bit different, we’re currently testing Frontline rankings for the Lodestone and we will be releasing this shortly, so we’d like players to first use this feature. Additionally, we’re thinking about holding a real-life PvP event at GamesCom in Germany for the first time. We’d like to use the same setup to hold PvP events around the world.

    Q9: Is there any way you can make the Syrcus Tower similar to Frontline where we are able to enter the instance without every single player having to select “Commence”?

    A9: The feature was a feature that we implemented in response to the issue with Frontline, so it may be difficult to implement in Syrcus Tower.

    We will look into this matter after we implement the feature where players are able to queue as an alliance.


    Q10: Please make it so equipment drops more than crafting materials in instanced dungeons.

    A10: Since the demand for glamours is ever-increasing, I’ll be talking to the lead for this and be making adjustments.

    Q11: Do you plan on adding another stat for PvP equipment instead of Morale for Frontline?

    A11: We designed Frontline to be an even PvP playing field, so we are not thinking about adding Morale or swapping it for a different kind of stat. However, I understand that compared to other equipment with similar item levels, the PvP equipment is inferior, so we would like to make adjustments to this.

    Q12: In Hullbreaker Isle, we only fight the tentacles of the Kraken. Will we ever see the Kraken again?

    A12: Of course! You will see the Kraken reappear in the near future so please stay tuned.

    Q13: Is it possible to lower the cost of the equipment that we can purchase with Allied Seals?

    A13: Instead of lowering the cost, we are currently looking into increasing the awards for completing the daily mark bills.

    Q14: What’s that tapestry art behind you?

    A14: Brand-new art based on Frontline!


    Q15: Will you be adding ways to obtain Allied Seals in the future?

    A15: Since this was just implemented, we don’t have any plans to do this at the moment, but that’s not to say it won’t happen in the future.

    Q16: Please increase the maximum number of participants for Frontline.

    A16: The Fronline map was designed specifically for this amount of players. If we change it to something like 30 vs. 30 vs. 30, it might break the balance of the map by having more players attack the center. If we decide to increase the maximum number of participants, we will have to create another map tailored specifically for that number of participants.

    Q17: Will you be adding more to Edda’s story?

    A17: Hmm…I wonder (laughs). I really want her to be happy… I guess it depends on everyone’s feedback, but I’m really curious as well!

    Q18: Currently, the elite marks die instantly even after the recent adjustment. Are there any plans to make further adjustments?

    A18: We are currently looking into ways of addressing this issue without simply increasing the HP of the marks.

    Q19: Will you be implementing more riddle solving quests similar to Winebaud’s Riddles in the future?

    A19: I believe that those of you who have already cleared this had quite a tough time, but these are also extremely difficult for the people who design the quests, so we’d like to make them bit by bit over time instead of releasing a lot all at once.


    Q20: Are there any plans to implement additional costumes and hairstyles of previous FINAL FANTASY series characters similar to Lightning and Snow?

    A20: While I can’t say too much, let’s just say you will be able to obtain a costume for a certain famous FF character by completing certain content in a certain patch!

    Q21: The rewards for Mark Bills and Elite Mark Bills feels a bit low. Do you have any plans to adjust this?

    A21: We are currently looking into increasing the amount for Mark Bills. We’re concerned that if we increase the rewards for elite marks it would cause even more people to focus on them, so to start out we are going to prioritize adjustments to daily marks.

    Q22: Are there any plans to add mechanics to the elite marks similar to those that bosses use?

    A22: We are able to maintain balance in dungeons because of the specific battlefield you fight the boss in. If we do the same for elite marks, it might end up even killing the players that do not want to participate in the fight.

    Q23: Are there any plans to implement a savage mode for the Binding Coil of Bahamut?

    A23: We have been receiving a lot of feedback regarding the shared flag for the normal mode of the Second Coil of Bahamut and savage mode of the Second Coil of Bahamut. We are currently in the process of discussing if we want to keep the flag shared or to separate them.

    Therefore, we would like to ask for your feedback regarding this matter. Depending on the feedback, I personally think it’s okay to separate the flags and making it possible to challenge at any time. As for the savage mode of the Binding Coil of Bahamut, if we were to implement it, it would most likely occur at the same time as this adjustment.

    Q24: Can you give us an update on the Armor/Weapon Guide?

    A24: We’ve finished putting together the details and have been estimating the amount of work necessary for making it either a fun, collect the items-type of thing or content that we can reveal the lore for the weapons and armor you obtain. However, this will affect the amount of saved data on your character, so we need to make a final and thorough check on this.


    Q25: Will the story for the Crystal Tower end in the next Crystal Tower update?

    A25: First, the story for the Coil of Bahamut will end in patch 2.4. Next, the story for the Crystal Tower will come to an end in patch 2.5. We are also planning to make the Forbidden Land, Eureka, but because it might have a different feel compared to the Crystal Tower, we are thinking of possibly introducing it after waiting a while.

    Q26: Previously, Yoshi-P mentioned that it would be interesting to go to the moon, but do you have any other information about the alliance-based instanced raid to come after Crystal Tower?

    A26: Well, I don’t know if we will be going to the moon, but the next alliance-based instanced raid will be something brand-new for FINAL FANTASY XIV.

    Q27: Is there any progress on the update list you mentioned in the previous Letter from the Producer LIVE?

    A27: We’re gradually working on this, but the release has been delayed a bit due to preparations for the expansion pack. I apologize.

    Q28: In a previous Letter from the Produce LIVE, you mentioned something about increasing the magic defense of dragoons. Are there any updates on this?

    A28: We are currently in the process of carefully looking into this matter.

    After the buff to black mages in patch 2.3, we have been receiving additional feedback regarding the current situation of dragoons. We feel that each job has its pros and cons. For example, it’s harder for black mages to do a lot of damage in a fight where they don’t have much time to stand still and cast magic.

    As for dragoons, we understand they currently take a lot of magic damage so we are looking into this matter with care. We don’t want to break the balance by simply making the dragoons immune to magic, so we are currently trying to find the right balance.


    Q29: Komoto, did you bring anything from your mother (Takai) for show and tell?

    A29: (Shows off a video of Ninja)

    Q30: Will you ever be making a song out of Tataru’s song?

    A30: We will look into this, but I’m thinking each of you have already created a song in your head from Tataru’s song and it might not match up if we made an official version.

    Q31: Komoto, what are you in charge of?

    A31: I’m more in charge of overseeing everything instead of being in charge of something specific. Also, I’m in charge of leading the daily meetings where we go over topics that were brought up via GM calls and posts on the forums and discussing how we can address the matter in an upcoming patch. Other than that, I oversee the economy of each World. If I notice any strange movement in the economy, I look into the cause and consider how I can address the matter.

    Q32: Will you be introducing content in the future similar to Giruveganaus from Stone Vigil (Hard Mode) where you have to decide what attacks to use based on a monster’s behavior that makes the battle really come alive?

    A32: Since it seems like everyone was able to clear Giruveganaus without any problems, in addition to the pattern-based content that was implemented this time around, we’ll also look into content with random elements.

    Q33: In patch 2.4, you will be adding a new class and job (rogue/ninja). Are you planning to make all of the future full-party content in the format of Tank x1、DPS x5、Healer x2 similar to the Syrcus Tower?

    A33: While you may see this format in alliance-based raids, we will continue to use the standard “Tank x2、DPS x4、Healer x2” format for 8-man dungeons. The last Coil of Bahamut that will be implemented in patch 2.4 will also be in this format. We put a lot of extra work into this dungeon so please stay tuned!

    Q34: In a previous interview, you mentioned that you are aiming to make this an MMORPG that continues for over 10 years, but at the moment how far have you planned into the future?

    A34: Currently, the area where players will be and what they will be doing in patch 4.0 has been coming into our vision, so to give you a rough idea, we’ve progressed our planning to about four years into the future.

    Q35: Komoto, are there any instances where you were able to use your previous experience as an MMO developer in a positive way while developing FFXIV: ARR?

    A35: In FFXI, I was also in charge of operations and economy so I believe I was able to use that experience for FFXIV: ARR.

    Q36: Komoto, what’s your favorite food?

    A36: Ramen.

    Q37: Komoto, when development for FFXIV: ARR began, what was something you felt you wanted to fix?

    A37: Since the game failed, more than wanting to fix a certain aspect I really felt more strongly about remaking it from scratch.

    Q38: Komoto, is there anyone, or any games, that had a major influence on you as a developer?

    A38: I really loved the games “Derby Stallion” and “Best Play Pro Baseball” so Hiroyuki Sonobe had a major influence on me. Also, I played a lot of the FINAL FANTASY series during the Super Famicom (Super NES) era so the FINAL FANTASY series had a major influence on me (also this is when I started working at Square).

    Q39: Will you be making it possible to place a planter in our personal chambers and garden?

    A39: When we were planning gardening from fields, we were thinking about making it possible in the future to garden from pots as well. However, we need to look at gardening from fields a bit more, so we’d like to implement this later.

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