MdRadio Returns – Nomura Comes To Spill Final Fantasy XV / Kingdom Hearts III News?

UPDATE: Nothing new was revealed during the podcast. The developers just discussed about the new Play Arts Kai lineup and other merchandise related topics.

MdRadio will be returning soon, and the host and the merchandising manager of Square Enix Japan, Hidemi Matsuzuka, will be making a podcast with his special guests, Ichiro Hazama (Theatrhythm producer) and Tetsuya Nomura (Final Fantasy XV director). This special podcast focuses on Square Enix’s merchandise products, but sometimes there are interesting game details as well.

In the first podcast last year, Nomura said that they had decided when to show Final Fantasy Versus XIII again. He also revealed that Square Enix was supposed to show Versus in 2012 and there was a reason why it wasn’t. He said would understand it when we get the new info. Eventually it turned out that Final Fantasy Versus XIII had become Final Fantasy XV and moved to PS4 and Xbox One. At the time of E3, Nomura gave more details about FFXV and Kingdom Hearts III during the second radio show.


Matsuzuka meeting with Hazama and Nomura

According to Matsuzuka, MdRadio will be returning very soon and we should get more news about it later this week. He also posted a picture of a meeting with Hazama and Nomura where they are probably discussing the contents they will be talking about during the podcast. Let’s not forget that it’s less than two months until Tokyo Games Show 2014, which may lead Nomura to tease something about Square Enix’s plans for the biggest Japanese gaming event. If the same thing happens like previously, it might be possible we get some very small teasing about FFXV and KH3.

Please, be only a little excited.

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  1. I’d love to see some idea of the scope of the in game world with some city and outskirts exploration. Maybe one of the other cities (but don’t show us them all!). I think overall a more subdued trailer with some more of the story would be a good shift in pace.

    • One thing’s for certain: if it doesn’t show itself at TGS, I will genuinely begin to fear for the game.

  2. One important thing I forgot to say, please, Nomura-sama, we need to see in the new trailer, the departure date of the game!
    Please, I beg you to Europe (Spain) The game we arrive with voices in Japanese :)
    I love the Japanese voices, I spent years watching the trailer in Japanese, need to play with those voices ^_^ <3

  3. I would like to see the face of the boy hooded blonde character, could he be the brother of Stella? (is just my hypothesis)
    I want to know more than the main story, I want to hear again Somnus, a summary of trailers the last, but with new graphics of new generation
    I was struck by the first trailer where Noctis fighting with swords surrounded by bright,
    I hope to see a new video with that scene :)

  4. I need more of the argument, said they would look like Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet, right?I wonder how will the love story :)
    I would like to see a romantic scene in the new trailer with the song Somnus, gives me the impression that Final Fantasy XV will have a dramatic end, I have wanted to play it!
    I love love stories and drama!
    I need to see Noctis showing her red eyes at some video!

  5. I would like to see most of what everyone else just said. There’s actually too much to want to see for ourselves as I’m sure everyone is deeply worried if those things are up to standard. I would like to see if the writing is up to par with at least FFX. The best of the FF series is known mostly for its grand and ever-changing narratives. It hasn’t been like that since FF9 for the most part, although FFX did have a lot of plot-twists and interesting moments.

    On the game design of things, I’m hoping to see not only the basics of level-up progression are in place and simple to understand, but a wide variety of abilities like stealing, morphing enemies into items, turning enemies into cards (like in FF8), an item conversion system like in FF8 or crisis core with the materia fusion system, and of course abilities and options that make level grinding easier are in place. We haven’t seen that many useful items/abilities in FF as of late. Ever since FF12, the game design has been too restrictive and limiting in FF games. If we accomplish something, the rewards shouldn’t be so small. In conclusion: A certain focus on the creativity of abilities with a wide variety of options/abilities is the thing gameplay-wise I’m hoping for the most.

    • I’m with you on a lot of those. Something else I’m nervous about is the sheer cost of this. Admittedly, every major game company out there has been going for broke with the new generation of hardware (and thus banking on certainties or going for online/subscription titles), but XV is a special case. I’m afraid the company will generate poorly thought-through sequels in order to recoup their losses and reuse both old and unused assets. Still, that’s just a nightmare vision. The flipside is that they will use the assets to speedily turn out the next numbered entry in the franchise and make up for lost time.

      • Since it seems FFXV has been planned to be a trilogy since the very beginning it might be a bit different kind of saga than FFXIII. The thirteenth saga was great and it felt they took lots of freedom to mix and have some fun at testing some cool features such as puzzles, monster hunting, screenshot mode (which all games are now copycatting) and lots of others. Really looking forward to see how FFXV ends and how they will be building the possible trilogy.

  6. I would prefer seeing more about the story and environmental exploration and less gameplay as crazy as it sounds. I think it should be a time to finally get more in touch with these characters and create some sort of connection with them. During the evenings when they are escaping the enemies and finally get to rest in the small camp and have a talk. Beautiful environments and how you can interact with the world around you. Why must everything always focus on killing etc. dark stuff? IMO it’s time to show a new side of FFXV like they did with FFXIII during the western announcement trailer which was premiered on the official site if anyone remembers.

  7. Not expecting much, but I’m still hoping they will re-re-reveal the game at TGS. I’d love to see more exploration. Seeing how moving around is, like in the Venice-like city.

  8. What kind of trailer would you like to see for Final Fantasy XV? Should it be located to the same city environment as before, or perhaps somewhere else? Wouldn’t a snowy area with gorgeous northern lights be quite an awesome view as Noctis walks from the shadows and the epicness begins?

    Tell your Final Fantasy XV trailer ideas or other possible trailer speculation and what would you like to see in it!

    • I would adore to see an area you just described! Not just because it sounds good, but it’s something completely different to the usual city environments. A jungle would be quite interesting as well since I can’t remember well when was the last time we were in the real like jungle. (There was forest parts in games such as FFX, FFXIII and FFXIV, for example, but they didn’t feel so jungle to me).

    • I would like to see varied environments certainly, possibly a glimpse of the world map (if there is one). But what I would like to see is Stella. She’s been conspicuously absent from anything involving XV since the 2011 trailer. Generally, I’d like to see the women in this game, even though I’m resigned to the fact that this will be another Final Fantasy 1/Crisis Core. But my greatest wish would be granted if they showed a trailer with a year of release, then (shock horror) it appeared either with English subtitles or English voice overs appearing online, with the same year of release. That would blow the fans into their ceilings.

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