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FINAL FANTASY XIV Letter from the Producer Part XVI Recap

Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer XIV livestream starts now! It will contain new details about the upcoming patches such as Defenders of Eorzea! Perhaps we will be hearing more about new jobs, marriage system and dungeons. Also, the lead designer of the game, Nobuaki Komoto, will […]

Weekly News Recap | Weeks XXVIII – XXIX

Final Fantasy Prelude Featured In The New Toyota Commercial New Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn “Frontline” Artwork [6000×8000] First Ever European Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival – Get Tickets NOW Premiere: Final Fantasy Explorers Battle Theme What Square Enix Has In Store For San Diego Comic Con […]

Introducing Final Fantasy Explorers

What the Kweh is “Final Fantasy Explorers”? Final Fantasy Explorers is an upcoming action RPG for the Nintendo 3DS. The game heavily focuses on multiplayer features and it’s possible to experience with four players. Don’t you worry, you can also play  the whole game solo but multiplayer is […]