Weekly News Recap [Weeks 37-38]

Unboxing: The First Ever Final Fantasy XV Perfume | Noctis ~Eau de Toilette~
Dragon Quest Heroes Gameplay Premiere
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Tokyo Game Show 2014 Trailer
Final Fantasy XV Tokyo Game Show 2014 Trailer
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Release Dates Announced
Final Fantasy XIV’s Marriage System Is Called “Eternal Bond”
New Final Fantasy XIV TGS Trailers: Shiva Battle, New Dungeons & Ninjas
Final Fantasy VII G-Bike: New Details on Controls, Customization, Limit Break, Outfits and More
Tetsuya Nomura Creates A New Cloud Illustration for Final Fantasy VII G-Bike
Final Fantasy XV Will Likely Appear at Jump Festa 2015″ – Hajime Tabata

The Official Video of Final Fantasy XV: The Overture Demo Released
Everything About Final Fantasy XV: The Overture Live Demo
Completing Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae May Take Up to Three Hours, And More
This Is How Final Fantasy XIII Plays on Android [Live Gameplay]
Final Fantasy XV & Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Wallpapers
Hexadrive Confirmed As The Studio Behind Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
Final Fantasy Explorers TGS14 Trailers | Jobs, Summons and Special Outfits
Final Fantasy Agito Is Coming To The PS Vita
The Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy Is Arriving On PC
Video Game Orchestra Partners With Yoko Shimomura on Final Fantasy XV Music

The Ultimate Final Fantasy XV TGS14 Screenshot Gallery
Final Fantasy Type-0 x Final Fantasy XV Artwork in High Quality
New Final Fantasy XV Key Art
New Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae Details & Tetsuya Nomura Focuses on Kingdom Hearts III
First Footage Of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Emerges
Final Fantasy XV Demo Coming In 2015
Here Are The Box Arts of Ultimate Action / Stealth Triple Packs
Sony’s Tokyo Game Show Conference Starts Now!
Final Fantasy XIII Portal Site Opened – Features Steam Logo
The Final Fantasy XIII Saga and Other Titles Arriving for Smartphones This Year

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Launch Trailer
Theatrhythm Club – Challenge Others & Make New Friends!
Introducing Life Is Strange’s Story with New Screenshots
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call – Legacy of Music Episode 8 [FFXI/FFXIV]
Hajime Tabata Talks About Changes In Final Fantasy Type-0 HD And More

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